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Introducing BOWMAN WIND


Apex Clean Energy is exploring the feasibility of constructing Bowman Wind, a wind energy project expected to generate 200 megawatts of clean, homegrown energy. Located in rural Bowman County, local wind data confirms that the area under consideration is ideal for a project of this size, which will produce enough safe, pollution-free energy to power up to 99,500 U.S. homes.

We plan to continue working with the community on leasing land with the footprint and permitting activities over the next several years.

  • Verified wind resource
  • Existing high-voltage power lines
  • Expansive private land
  • Proximity to state highways

Apex is working to engage state and local stakeholders to ensure your questions are answered. This website includes information about wind energy, Bowman Wind, and important upcoming events. Please use this site to send us feedback, ask questions, and stay up to date on project news and developments as the project moves forward.

Learn more about Bowman Wind


Bowman Wind will create jobs and generate an entirely new source of long-term revenue for local schools, government services, and property owners. The total direct financial impact to the region is likely to be in the millions of dollars over about 30 years, with additional indirect economic benefits greatly exceeding that number.

Revenue from this project would inject millions of dollars into Bowman County’s economy to support local merchants, contractors, and equipment suppliers. The power from Bowman Wind will be delivered into the North Dakota electrical grid, which is managed by both the Midcontinent – ISO and Southwest Power Pool.


Physical Address: 

29 Main Street

Bowman, ND 58623

Mailing Address:

PO Box 673

Bowman, ND 58673