Meet the Team

Sean Stocker
Vice President of Development, Apex Clean Energy

Sean Stocker is a Vice President of Development for Apex Clean Energy. He has over 20 years of experience driving meaningful rural economic development in agriculture and energy. Sean lives with his family in Minnesota and is an avid outdoor enthusiast.


Scott Jansen
Senior Development Manager, Apex Clean Energy

Scott Jansen is a Senior Development Manager for Apex Clean Energy and brings over six years of experience in the industry, having worked on projects across the Midwest (in Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota). Scott takes on many responsibilities at Apex, yet his ultimate focus is working with landowners to understand and appreciate their unique history and future with the land. When he is not busy accelerating the shift to clean energy, Scott enjoys spending time with his wife and their three girls in Wisconsin’s Lake Country.


Matt Eberl
Development Manager, Apex Clean Energy

Matt Eberl is a Development Manager with Apex Clean Energy, and he is responsible for guiding the project through the development stage. After spending over 20 years in the environmental engineering field and owning his own small business, Matt is excited to work on large renewable energy projects while also helping landowners in rural communities maximize the value of their land. He has a degree in environmental engineering and currently lives in Virginia with his wife and two teenage sons.


Drew Christensen
Director of Public Engagement, Apex Clean Energy

Drew is a passionate supporter of economic development in rural areas. He's spent his career working with community leaders in state and local government. Drew lives with his family in Minnesota.


Anna Hays
Public Engagement Manager, Apex Clean Energy

Anna Hays is the Public Engagement Manager for Bowman Wind. Anna has spent much of her career working in state and local policy development. Through this work, she found her true passion for community economic development. Anna believes homegrown, American clean energy is the next powerful economic frontier for midwestern and western states across the U.S. Anna lives in Sioux Falls, SD and spends her time traveling, playing volleyball, and getting outside every moment she can.


Karson Pederson
Field Manager of North Dakota, Apex Clean Energy

Karson Pederson is the Field Manager for Bowman Wind. With a diverse career background, Karson has spent significant time working with non-profit organizations, specifically in fundraising, donor relations, and stewardship. As a lifetime resident of North Dakota, Karson appreciates seeing the state take advantage of its vast resources that allow North Dakota to grow and thrive. She is passionate about maintaining the vitality of North Dakota’s landscape and looks forward to her work ensuring North Dakota remains a leading energy producer. In her free time, you can find her playing volleyball, collecting a new plant, and trying to find the best Knoephla soup in the state.


Contact Information:

[email protected] | (701) 353-2690